Friday, April 18, 2014

8 Orgasm Secrets You Haven't Heard

When it comes to having an orgasm, you may think you've heard it all, but you probably haven't heard these orgasm secrets, says Lauren Gard.
1. Get Competitive
Sign up for a 5K race or schedule a game of tennis. Merely anticipating a competition triggers a 24 percent boost in testosterone for women, according to a study published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior. And any increase in that hormone also drives up your libido. Read more

Friday, April 11, 2014

5 Sex Position Tweaks to Help Give Her an Orgasm Tonight

A top sex expert shares tricks that are practically guaranteed to give her a powerful orgasm tonight.
Woman on Top

You get a great view and women like this position because they’re in control of the speed of the thrusting and the angle. To make it even more intense, have her get on her knees while bending forward so she's leaning toward your face, and then she can move in and out of you nice and slow. “This will help your penis hit her G spot while allowing her to angle her clit on your shaft as she uses her arms to hold onto you for balance,” says Patricia Taylor, Ph.D., sex educator and author of the newly revised Expanded Orgasm. Starting off slow and increasing the speed is key because it helps her really get warmed up, and when she's really excited, her clit grows larger as it becomes engorged and the larger area of sensation increases her ability to orgasm. Plus this slightly shifted position allows her to move however she likes. “If you’re in the mood for experimenting, wear a vibrating cock ring to really increase the sensation,” Taylor says. Read more

Friday, April 4, 2014

6 Ways to Have Mind-Blowing Sex (Without Having Intercourse)

Sex is more than just penis in vagina. Scott Alden reveals six ways to have mind-blowing sex without having intercourse.
It’s important to remember, whether you’re in a committed relationship, or you’re casually involved with multiple people, all heterosexual sex does not have to lead to vaginal intercourse.

There are many ways to have mind-blowing sex without putting a P in a V. Here are 6. Read more

Friday, March 28, 2014

Study Shows Some Women Fake Orgasm for Their Own Pleasure

 Can faking an orgasm be pleasurable? A new study found that for some women it is.
Women have been faking orgasms since the beginning of time, the reasoning usually being that it’s just easier to pretend you’ve come when you know a real one is not going to happen. It gives the dude you’re getting down with unspoken permission to finish up himself, without having to say, mid-coitus, “Hey, you know, an orgasm just isn’t in the cards for me today, but you should go ahead and have yours!” (Generally, I encourage people to not mislead their sexual partners and would like to see women be more open about what gets them off so they don’t feel inclined to fake — however, there are just some sexual relationships you don’t want to go that deep with. Whatever. Do you, girl.) But one thing I hadn’t considered, even as an occasional faker myself, is that women might actually get off, in some way, by faking it. Well, a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Archives found that some women fake orgasms for their own pleasure, and upon thinking about it, I realized that I totally relate. Read more

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cunnilingus Secrets: How to Give a Woman the Best Oral Sex of Her Life

Sex blogger Svetlana Ivanova has hit another home run with her third book Cunnilingus Secrets: How to Give a Woman the Best Oral Sex of Her Life.. Over 80% of women pick cunnilingus as their most pleasurable sexual act. Many women prefer cunnilingus to sexual intercourse, and for women who require a large amount of clitoral stimulation (which is most women), it is the easiest way orgasm.

Yet while it may seem like it's all about licking, there's actually much more to cunnilingus than that:. you need to lick the right places, in the right order, for the right amount of time. Now you can learn all of these secrets to giving a woman great oral sex in Svetlana's latest book.

Here are just a FEW of the things you’ll learn In Cunnilingus Secrets.

Friday, March 14, 2014

7 Sex Upgrades for Your Bed

If you're still rocking the college look, it's time to give your bed and your sex life a makeover.
The whole "twin bed with threadbare sheets" thing may have worked in college, but you’re out of the frat house now—which means your bedroom needs to grow up, too. “Surrounding yourself with warmth and luxury is a catalyst for sex—an aphrodisiac, even,” says Cathy Hobbs, an interior designer in New York City. “It’s the difference between being at Motel 6 and the Four Seasons.” Make your bedroom a place where women want to jump between the sheets—and stay there—with these seven tips. Then hang up the “Do Not Disturb” sign and get busy.  Read more

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Have the Best Sex of Your Life This Weekend: A Roadmap to Bliss

If you don't have the time to clean your home, head out to a hotel instead.
Here is your ultimate game plan for your sexiest weekend yet, from the friendly sex experts at Get ready to float into work on Monday, still radiating from your hot sex afterglow! This guide assumes that you have the weekend to yourself. If you have kids, call in your favors and get a friend or relative to take over for the weekend. Shed the guilt — you'll be a better parent if you spend this weekend fueling up with erotic energy that will last for weeks to come. Read more