Monday, May 4, 2015

5 Food to Supercharge Your Sex Drive

Did you know that what you eat affects your six life? Eat these five foods to supercharge your sex drive.
Well you’re going to need more than a 4-minute song to get the job done; you’re going to need the proper fuel.

Food has long been used to increase sexual desire (hey, a healthy pour of wine never hurt, either), but did you know there are foods that can actually improve your performance? Take Tiger Penis, for example, it has traditionally been ingested to improve male virility.

Don’t have any tiger penis in the pantry? Don’t worry here are a few slightly less “traditional” foods that will all but ensure you a successful session between the sheets. Read more

Monday, April 27, 2015

Can Sex Hurt Your Athletic Performance?

Can sex hurt athletic performance? K Aleisha Fetters tried to separate myth from fact.
There is an old belief that seminal fluid, the stuff of life, gives men their strength, courage, and athleticism. Thus, one should not give in to sexual desires before a big game. The custom dates back to ancient Greece—they refused to give it up prior to any competition.

Fast-forward a couple millennia, and while most guys don't consider the stuff to be the root of all things masculine (some Papua New Guinea tribes do still require boys drink it to become men, according to the International Encyclopedia of Sexuality), we have largely held onto the notion that sex screws with athleticism. "It's a widely held belief, especially within the fighting community, that not 'releasing' will build up a man's aggression," says personal trainer Mike Donavanik, C.S.C.S, C.P.T. "It will make him tenser, more easily agitated, more aggressive." Sylvester Stallone's character even abstained in Rocky. Read more

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Is There an Ideal Number of Times to Do It Each Week?

Is there an ideal number for how many times couples should be having sex per week?
We’re often told that a happy and healthy sex life isn’t about a number — it’s about two mutually satisfied partners. But just like aiming for drinking eight glasses of water each day, it’s only natural to wonder if there’s a baseline we should observe for our sex lives, too. Read more

Monday, April 20, 2015

9 Easy Exercises for the Best Orgasm EVER

Aly Walansky says these nine easy exercises will give you the best orgasm ever.
Sure, sex is about intimacy, but who doesn't want to have an explosive orgasm while we're at it? But it's not just about us: Having both parties climax can result in a steamy lovemaking session. Obviously, what goes on between the sheets is a big part of that but we can prep for the big event with specific exercises that are great for a better orgasm.

"There is research indicating that exercising for 30 minutes directly before sex can boost your pleasure, and can be especially helpful for women who experience sexual side effects related to taking antidepressants," says Bianca Jarvis, a sex educator, artist and writer. Researchers have also found that exercise alone can increase sexual arousal — and even induce orgasms!

The activities most frequently linked to exercise induced orgasms include climbing, weight lifting and abdominal exercises, says Jarvis. Engaging core muscles to the point of fatigue (doing reps of abdominal muscles until you feel tired) may be key to reaching that elusive 'coregasm.'

Ready to feel the burn? Here's how to get physical. Read more

Friday, April 17, 2015

5 Tips for Having Safe, Fun Casual Sex

Following these five tips from Dr. Jane Greer can help women have the best casual sex of their lives.
So, we now know casual sex can actually make you feel good if you view it positively. If hearing that news is like your birthday and Christmas rolled into one, read on for tips from Dr. Jane Greer, New York-based marriage and sex therapist and author of What About Me? Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship about how to have safe, responsible, fun casual sex. Read more

Monday, April 13, 2015

Is It OK to Fake an Orgasm?

Is it OK to fake an orgasm? Dr. Luisa Dillner weighs in on the pros and cons.
Studies show that most women and almost a third of men have pretended to have an orgasm. Does faking it spare your partner’s feelings – or can it be damaging? Read more

Friday, April 10, 2015