Tuesday, August 16, 2011

6 Sex Positions to Try for Fun and Pleasure

Sex is one area of your life that you definitely want to ensure has variety to keep it from becoming boring. There is more to sex than missionary and woman-on-top. Even simple variations on your favorite sex positions can increase your fun and pleasure. Here are six sex positions that you can try for more fun and pleasure.

1) The woman lying on her back and the man lying on his side with one of her legs between his.

This is a very visual sex position for the man because he is also able to see his penis moving in and out of his woman. The man is also able to stimulate his woman's clitoris in this position. This is a variation on the missionary position, but is a bit less tiring for the man.

2) The woman lying on her back with a cushion underneath and the man kneeling in front between woman's legs.

This sex position raises the woman's hips, allowing the man to penetrate her at a different angle to the standard missionary position. It is also a visually exciting position for the man.

3) The couple lying side by side with the man behind.

While sometimes called "spooning," this sex position involves actual penetration rather than just cuddling. The woman may lean forward slightly to allow a better angle of entry.

4) The woman lying flat on her stomach with the man on top.

This is a variation of the doggy sex position except the woman is lying flat rather than being on her knees. The man lies on top of her, also flat, although using his elbows for support. This is a wonderfully sensual position. It allows the man to feel the entire length of his woman's body, including being able to kiss her neck. It can also give the woman a feeling of being totally under her man's control which for many women, in the right situation, can be highly erotic. This is a great position for when the two of you are not feeling particularly energetic for sex. It can be a wonderful way to make love late at night, just before sleep.

5) The woman sitting on the man, facing away.

This sex position is visually exciting for the man since he gets a good view of his woman's buttocks and anus. He could also tickle her anus lightly while in this position. If the woman puts her weight on her knees, the man can control the penetration with his hips and also by holding his woman's hips with his hands. The woman can lean slightly forward, which will put added pressure on the base of the penis and the back wall of her vagina.

6) The couple standing with the man behind and the woman leaning forward.

Make sure that the woman has something firm to lean on, such as a bed or wall. This sex position can be great for a "quickie."

Varying the sexual positions used in a relationship can do a lot to keep your love life fresh and exciting. Of course, traditional favorites, such as missionary, are wonderful, but experiment with the six positions described above and communicate with your partner about which positions you like the best.

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