Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Five Ways to Increase Female Sexual Pleasure

Understanding a woman's sexual response can be difficult, for both men and even women themselves. After all, many women fail to achieve orgasms through partner sex. Also, while women usually know what they do like, they are often as clueless as their partners about what they might like. These five tips are for men and women who really want to increase a woman's sexual pleasure.

1) Stimulate her brain.

The brain is perhaps a woman's most overlooked sex organ. Imagine that you are making love to her mind. By being playful and flirtacious you will arouse her emotions, a strong component in a woman's desire for and enjoyment of sex. Women love "dirty" talk. If you're shy, try texting, emailing, or leave a voice message on her phone. Women are much more emotionally driven than men, so if you can arouse with her emotionally, you are much more likely to arouse her sexually.

2) Remember that a woman's whole body is her sex organ.

For men, sexual pleasure is generally limited to one area. (I'm sure you can guess the location.) However, for women, their whole body is filled with nerve endings that create a sexual response. Spend some time discovering which part of your female partner's body responds to touch. Some women have even reported having an orgasm just by being kissed or touched on their neck or nipples!

3) Use the "neck to nipples" technique. The area between a woman's head and breasts can be extremely sensitive. Use your hands, mouth, and even your hair to explore the area thoroughly. Kissing and gentle nibbling can create a range of sensations. Few men spend enough time in this area, yet it is one of a woman's most sensitive zones.

4) Try an inner leg massage. The inner leg area from the toes to the tops of the thighs is very sensitive for a woman. Have your partner lie on her back with her legs relaxed and slightly apart. Start at the toes and work your way upwards, paying particular attention to the ankles, knees, and inner thighs.

5) Find her G spot. The G spot is a small area (about the size of a quarter) about two inches inside the vagina on the upper wall. If you put your index finger inside her and make a stroking motion towards you (as if beckoning someone), you should be able to feel it (if she's sexually aroused). It will feel slightly rougher than the surrounding tissue. Stroking it or pressing firmly with one or two fingers while you stimulate the clitoris is one way to really intensify a woman's orgasm.

Communicate these five way to increase female sexual pleasure to your lover and incorporate them into your sex life. They're sure to make sex a more pleasurable experience for both of you.

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mateo9 said...

Correction: Men's pleasure is NOT "generally limited to one area."

Daffyd C. Landegge said...

I agree with Mateo9, males also have various erogenous zones that trigger pleasureable sensations (other than the genitals).

Not only that but you forgot some of the most important spots to stimulate on and in a woman's body (besides the G-spot). There is the popular and very effective C-spot (clitoris), U-spot (area around the urethra opening; similiar to the male "pee-hole"), and the A-spot (portion just above the cervix way in the back of the vaginal canal).

Let's not forget to combine these together along with utilizing her turn-ons (and your own) as well as maybe playing out some of her fantasies.